Mohammed Salah

  • Qvetech is an Animal health consultancy established in February 2017 , to support veterinarians, producers and different business stakeholders throughout Middle East & Africa. 
  • Founder Dr. Mohamed Salah 25 years of experience in animal health sector. Graduated from Faculty of Veterinary medicine in 1996
  • Diploma in marketing , BCE 1999
  • MSCV in Veterinary science 2006 (Parasitology) 
  • Strategic management AMA France 2007
  •  TOT from Cambridge University 2017
  • Started the veterinary animal health career in July 1996 , to be promoted as a Scientific Office Manager for Homa company in 1999 , representing Rhone Merieux Egypt
  • In 2004 Became marketing manager for IFT company 
  • Middle East Poultry species manager in MSD from 2006 to 2009 
  • GM UBM in 2009-2010 and a team member in establishing 1st private vaccine manufacturing facility in Egypt 
  • Middle Business Director in Zoetis from 2010 to January 2017 
  • Since February 2017,established Qvetech firm and work as CEO for a leading company in animal health business consultancy , market research and human resources development. With 18 headcount in different Qvetech departments. 
  • Worked as consultant for several animal health companies as Zoetis , MSD, Bayer/Elanco and Ceva 
  • Established a specific program for (Marketing for Veterinarians ) which was held for 8 times in Egypt , Saudi Arabia and UAE since 2017 till now
  • Created a digital marketing course for Veterinarians in Middle East which is hold annually 
  • Mohamed is speaker in several student activities for newly graduated veterinarians hold by IVSA and Egyptian Veterinary syndicate 
  • Mohamed Shared in creating ((Zoetis Life)) digital platform for Zoetis 
  • Developing the Veterinary digital academy in ME which is sponsored by MSD and continue to educate veterinarians and offering post graduate knowledge for veterinarians
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