Eric Garcia

DVM, CEO IT & Digital Strategist Simply Done Tech Solutions

⦁ IT expert.
⦁ Digital marketer.
⦁ Industry thought leader.
⦁ When it comes to helping veterinary practices streamline their technology and attract and retain clients, Eric Garcia has a proven track record of educating the industry and producing results.
⦁ Garcia began his career at Veterinary Medical Clinic nearly a decade ago. As an IT Administrator, he was instrumental in overhauling the technology of this large practice. His work included a complete network restructuring, the integration of diagnostic tools and deployment of new practice management software. Once this comprehensive technology solution was in place, Garcia quickly moved into a business management role, applying his IT acumen to the larger goal of growing the practice.
⦁ During this time, Garcia was also tapped to head up the account management and VP roles at Pet Vets and You, a firm specializing in website design and digital marketing services for veterinary practices. As he spoke to clients, Garcia recognized a common but serious disconnect between veterinarians, the use of technology within their practices and their approach to marketing. Leveraging his IT expertise and first-hand experience working at a veterinary practice, he brought each client new insights on growing their business through the intelligent integration of technology (inside the practice) and digital marketing to their external audiences.
⦁ Garcia is a member of Vet Partners, an association for veterinary practice development. He is also a Constant Contact Business Partner and a Hootsuite Pro Solutions Partner. He developed the first ever “Social Media Champion” series, exclusively for veterinary practices.