Esther Klok

Nurse, Fear Free Cert Elite

⦁ Netherlands
⦁ Passion for her job as a vet-tech brought her so much more than a super job at vet-clinic Winsum. Besides her job in the clinic for over 27 years, she also owns her own company; Improve On the Move.
⦁ National and International she is really active in many ways. Traveling all over the world from Dubai to Finland and from South-Africa to Mexico, she loves to speak on conferences, teaching students, training vets and vet-techs and write articles for magazines.
⦁ With her own company she organized five times conferences in The Netherlands for vets and vet techs. Esther’s strength is her possibility to” implement “everything she learns, daily in her full-time job in the clinic.
⦁ The combination of actively working with pets and owners and learning from people all over the world makes her such a practical speaker. After each and every lecture of her you always go home enthusiastic with a bigh smile, ready to implement her tips in your own clinic.
⦁ Vet-tech of the year in 2008 and 2 gold Medaille’s on the world championships 2020 in single horse carriage driving are showing her wide interest and knowledge in the animal world.