Franck Forterre

DVM, PhD, Professor in Neurosurgery, Head of Small Animal Surgery/Neurosurgery Division University of Bern, Switzerland, Dipl ECVS

1987-1991: Studies at Ecole Nationale Veterinaire, Toulouse

1991-1998: Doctoral student and Assistant in Surgery/Neurosurgery at the small animal surgery department of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

1999-2005: Deputy in Neurosurgery at the small animal clinic of the Free University Berlin

2005-2018: Associate professor in neurosurgery at the small animal clinic of the Tierspital Berne

Since 2018  Professor, Head of small animal surgery/neurosurgery division

Numerous publications (≥150), contributions to book chapters and presentations in neurosurgery

Main research topics: thoracolumbar disc disease, spinal fusion, atlantoaxial instability and other spinal conditions

Main professional motivation and interest: teaching development