Ahmad Al Aiyan

BVM, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor (Veterinary Anatomy) Veterinary Medicine UAE University - (CAVM)

Dr. Ahmad Al Aiyan is an Associate Professor of at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, United Arab Emirates University.

He earned his Master in Animal Science and Ph.D. degree in Veterinary Applied Anatomy from the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. 

Between 2005 and 2011, he worked as a surgeon at the small animal clinic at the Free University of Berlin, Germany.

Before Joining the Department of Veterinary Medicine, CAVM, UAEU in February 2014, he was working as faculty member at Institut für Veterinär-Anatomie, FU Berlin, Germany where he has been teaching several courses for undergraduate and postgraduate veterinary students, as well as conducting research in the field of veterinary applied anatomy.

After joining the UAE University, he focused in his research on the Arabian Camel (Dromedary). As a result of the numerous research articles, which he carried out on camels, Dr. Ahmad proved through his research that the camel has many unique characteristics that distinguish it from other animals and help it live in arid places such as the desert. has published many scientific papers on camels in prestigious scientific peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Ahmad has worked in recent years to develop new methods to enhance the veterinary education. These teaching methods have resulted in helping thousands of veterinary and animal science students not only at the level of the United Arab Emirates but also globally.

Under his leadership of teaching, the department of veterinary medicine has received accolades for innovation in teaching, conducted and engaged veterinary students in anatomical research, developed the GCC region’s first anatomy laboratory and established a unique Animal Anatomy Museum.

Dr. Ahmad has received many awards, the most recent of which was the Teaching Excellence Award at the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine level in 2022.